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hello there....

my name is Shannon Wright and I am the owner and photographer of Pure Photography Studio. I started this journey over 12 years ago when I could not find a photographer to document my own family in the way I wanted to remember them...simple, unscripted, honest and free.    I had spent years prior to this photographing my family with all our little details... every cuddle, tear, giggle, puddle jump, or rock and stick collection I documented brought such a happy place in my life.  These are the moments I wanted to remember and the ones I want to document for your family as well.

I love being outdoors (it is my happy place)  which is probably why I am natural light photographer and work exclusively on location.  Working with different light, landscapes, textures and seasons only brings an added element to the images I create.  I feel that people are so much more relaxed and themselves when shooting outdoors and its great to incoorporate a little bit (or alot) of nature into your images. 

Having four children of my own (three boys and one girl) with ages ranging from fifteen to two has given me such a different outlook on how each child needs to be documented, with each having their own definate personality it is so important to photograph them in their own unique way .  I know this and understand this about every family I meet and photograph. Not to mention that not all kids are happy and giggly, some are shy and reserved and deseve to photographed as themselves. 

So...about me really? (other than the photography stuff)

I live in a small town about 45 minutes outside of Detroit, with my husband of 17 years, 27 if you count all the years together (middle school sweathearts) awww... We live in a house that we have remodeled twice in the past 4 years (over achieving do it yourselfers here)

We have four amazing kids, that love hockey, lacrosse, water sports, camping and family movie nights. (So if you are a hockey family you understand the stuggle is true when you spend half your day in a freezing rink and call a pretzel w/cheese breakfast)

We live with a Great Dane named Zeppelin, he is kinda that park superstar on our morning walks and I feel like I have a horse that follows me around everyday all day. I trip over him A LOT.  He loves ice cubes, treats, and all things electronic that he can chew ($$)

Every vacation we take HAS to revolve around nature...where to hike, swim, bike, and explore are top priority with this busy family.

I am pretty certain that in another life I was a hippie...peace, love, sunshine and rainbows is where I want to be in the mountains or maybe by a lake to spend my days.

I also love, wine and coffee (not usually in that order), gardens, beaches, amazing Michigan skies, cooking, yoga, and diy projects.

Hmmm...this is longer than I had expected so I will just plan on chatting up with you when we finally meet at our session!

Thanks for stopping by!